Phone Recording Vs. Live Operator: Why Answering Services Are Better For Business

Have you ever contacted the customer support line of a relatively large company? If so, you have likely reached a recorded voice that lists an assortment of options and then asks that you press a certain number in order to reach a specific department. While a phone recording like this may save the company resources and time, but for individuals who have found themselves trying to figure out what number to press to get to the department that they need, it can be quite the nightmare. As a company that wants to provide the best customer service for their customers, you should consider having a live operator at the end of the line for your customers to reach instead of a phone recording.

Recordings Tend to Frustrate Customers

When customers reach a telephone recording instead of an actual person, they often become extremely frustrated—sometimes even angry. There are many reasons for this frustration. For one, it is impossible to complain, at least effectively, to a phone recording. Customers who are dissatisfied with their service do not want to simply press a number; they want to actually speak to someone so they can express their displeasure.

A recording is unable to answer your questions. Individuals who call into the customer service line have specific needs that a phone recording simple cannot handle. As a result, customers who call in and are already displeased with the service that they have received or are in need of assistance will become that much more frustrated, which is the last thing that is needed by the company.

Live Operators Can Physically Respond to Customers

The best thing for you to do for your company is to hire a call answering service to take care of your customer support calls, as this will ensure that each call that comes through to your business will be answered by a live agent. This will not just benefit your customers, but it will benefit your company as a whole. A live operator can be trained to answer questions, forward messages, take orders, offer a sympathetic ear, or whatever you need as it pertains to your business. The important thing is that your customers will receive real customer support and interaction when they call into your company for help instead of a phone recording.

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