3 Essential Business Phone System Features

More and more businesses are relying on VoIP communication services to stay connected with employees, customers, and vendors. Not all VoIP systems are created equal, so it's important to evaluate your options carefully before selecting a business phone service for your company. Access to the right features will help you continue to grow your business while offering remote employment options to reduce overhead costs. 1. Custom Greeting You want your customers to feel relaxed and comfortable when they contact your company. [Read More]

Phone Recording Vs. Live Operator: Why Answering Services Are Better For Business

Have you ever contacted the customer support line of a relatively large company? If so, you have likely reached a recorded voice that lists an assortment of options and then asks that you press a certain number in order to reach a specific department. While a phone recording like this may save the company resources and time, but for individuals who have found themselves trying to figure out what number to press to get to the department that they need, it can be quite the nightmare. [Read More]